Termite Control in Chennai

We are well versed company who provide services into Household Disinfestations Services. We are providing our services as per client requirement also. To meet the spectrum of surveying and providing best pest control services to the needs of the industry as and when required with high-quality service, rapid turnaround, and unparalleled professionalism, at a profit.

General and household disinfestations include problematic insects’ viz. Cockroaches, house flies, bugs, spiders, ants, etc. which apart from causing nuisances to mankind, play a major role in the transmission of hazardous human diseases.

The Procedure :

The disinfestations service includes complete inspection of your property, both inside and outer area and then the treatment is done at the garbage areas, window sills, door thresholds and any other entry point.
Besides these we do a thorough treatment of the building exterior, garage (if any), kitchen, pantry, bathrooms etc. along with any kind of wall voids in the mentioned areas. Our treatment is a comprehensive one for your entire property, both interior and exterior.

Herbal Gel Treatment :

We are engaged in providing Herbal Gel Treatment, which helps in controlling cockroaches. This 02 formulas is highly effective in providing control over cockroaches. Available in gel form, these product can be applied in dots at different places and distances. These products are also available in injectable disposable injections and syringes. Moreover, Herbal Gel Treatments are totally safe and Eco-friendly